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Indenting House

Indenting house is a manufacture, suppliers packaging and procuring raw materials are various practices of Pharmaceutical, food, feed, distribution, and complete packaging solutions. Indenting houses are companies in the packaging industry.

There are the different types of indenting houses:
• Smaller companies that produce chemicals concern indenting for other companies and entrepreneurs, such as distributors.
• Large number overseas suppliers / manufacturers of Selling Agent for these suppliers who are situated in Europe, U.S.A. and Far Eastern Countries
• Companies producing raw material as a manufacture, such as Industry Pharmaceutical, Food, Feed.
• Companies focused on delivering customize packaging material for allied industries or particular geographical regions.

Common Products in indenting house:

• Moulded Glass vials
• Tubular Glass vials
• Rubber stoppers
• Flip off Seals
• PVC / PVDC (Printed/Unprinted)
• Aluminium Foil (Printed/Unprinted)
• Alu Alu Foil (Printed/Unprinted)
• Child Resistance Foil
• Flexible Packaging Complete range
• Paper Sachet foil
• Aluminium Lid/ PE for cup
• Food Jars
• Glass Juice bottles

• Antacids
• Analgesics
• Corti-Steroids
• Anti thrombotic
• Antianginal & Antihypertensive
• Antibiotics
• Anti-diabetics
• Anti-Rheumatics
• Cephalosporin
• Enzymes
• Herbal Extract
• Semi Synthetic Penicillin
• Vitamins

MRI Indenting have many years’ experience in indenting house and packaging expert in Pakistan, our team always timely deliver all raw material and packaging solutions. We are committed to manufacturing packaging material which adhere to the highest standards of quality.